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Did you know the cost to change perspectives is free?

During this time perspective is key to keeping your mental health in check. Instead of focusing on all the negatives during this time shift, your perspective to what personal growth you could develop. I know it can be overwhelming for many as we often live a fast paced life and self-care is usually the last thing on our list. This is a time to restore, recenter and nurture the health of our mind, body, and soul.

@sas_elebea illustrates good activities that can keep you in a good mood

Here are a few question to ask daily to guide yourself through the process

  • What am I grateful for today?

  • Who will I be calling/ Face timing today?

  • How am I getting my body moving today?

  • What something new I can learn today?

  • What can I create today?

Instead of seeing this a time trapped at home, see this as a time to take advantage of what you can do indoors to better you. These questions I have suggested may seem simple. Simple is often underrated, you will be surprised how different you feel when following this guide.

Remember this is just a suggested guide, you can add your own twist to make it personal to you. The most important thing is to remember don't be so strict on yourself. It is great to have a structure to follow daily but do not force yourself to be in a solid routine. Take each day as they come and have fun spending more time discovering you.

Comment the type of things you have been up to during lockdown :)

Keep Positive

Keep Embracing Your Universe

Yours Truly,

Truee Essence

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