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Pink Moon - Tuesday 7th April 2020

Updated: May 5

What I just experienced I don’t think words can explain but if I were to try to, I would say three things: Love. Energy. Healing.

I am writing this now just after my experience and I truly feel touched. I have never felt or experienced this before in such intensity. God he has spoken to me so clear that I am without a shadow of doubt of his words to me. I didn't expect to feel this touched with embracing the new moons energy, but here I am feeling inspired, feeling charged and confident in knowing I am a light worker. A light worker is anyone who lives their life being a beacon of light to raise vibrations on earth. It doesn't matter how big or small the impact is. A light worker knows even to touch one person is a job done well in raising the planets vibrations and spreading love. I might not have all the answers yet but he has confirmed to me that this page is what I need to do.

Growing up with a very tuned mother, I have always felt connected and a understanding to the spiritual world. I've even felt God was speaking through me to others. However, If I am being honest I didn't have my own strong connections, everything I knew or had understood was through my mother. I was yet to be in my own space of acceptance and embrace for the beautiful world from fear of connecting to the spiritual world and feeling weird or not understood to others outside my family. Over the last two years I have been taking the steps to discover my own path and reunite with my truth. Being completely transparent with you, I am at the beginning of my journey of being connected to God and all the divine. But today and in this moment, best way I can explain it, It was like the veal dropped. I no longer have a curtain in my way that blocking me from his touch.

New moons haven't really been something I've looked into. If I am honest, (as I do try my best to be), I could't tell you when they come or the history to each moon from the top of my head. Usually word of mouth is how I know about when the next new moon is. Earlier today my mum mentioned the new moon and told me to place my crystals under the moonlight. Funny enough not long after I was scrolling on Instagram and saw a post about the new moon, which for me just felt reinforcement that I must for some reason pay attention this new moon.

22:5PM the Pink Moon would be at its peak...Heres what I know about the Pink Moon.

The Pink Moon invitation, inviting us to the new shift that is occurring. The energy is asking us to take a close look at ourselves and step into the new energy of embracing our true self. This energy shift can bring up emotions as we seek into the depths of our souls… I mean I am writing this now after my experience and I can genuinely say entering into the new shift is DEEP!


I set my crystals in place, opened the windows and waited.


A few minutes before I set my diffuser near the window and placed my oracle cards at the window. I put on my meditation music and pulled back my curtains and netting to see the moon.


I have honestly never seen something so beautiful and divine in one. I was amazed it was twinkling and had lines of light coming from it. In this moment I feel blessed to have witnessed something so beautiful. I never expected the moon to shine like this and make me feel absorptive with it. I said my prayers of gratitude and welcomed in the new energy. I already felt an immense amount of happiness just from seeing the moon shine but I decided to sit and meditate in this moment and really absorb the transition.

Immediately I was overwhelmed with emotions but not in the way of a breakdown but instead a release. I felt the weight of hurt release from my body, I felt his presence, I felt my angels. My body had a warm tingling sensation.The centre of my forehead tingled and is still tingling writing this...The amount of joy and peace I am feeling is immense.

During my transition in meditation, I was being reminded of my purpose and that I need to be ready. I need to study. I need to practice because they are coming soon to hear me. He also told me to stop being a perfectionist in how I want my work to be, things will come together in time but for now it's the content that I put out which is important.The loving voice and the loving hand touching mine continue to reassure me that everything is going to be ok and that it’s my time to step and fulfill what I was put on earth to do.

I wish you clarity and peace and in this moment I wish you refreshing perspectives, I wish you in hearing my experience brings you a step closer embracing your journey. I welcome you to a new transition and new beginnings.

Yours Truly,

Truee Essence


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